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We confront and unleash a complete strategy for you to relieve an onerous burden, to erase credit score effect, to cease collection calls and letters AND to preserve your contract rights and your challenges.  Let us get started:

We are Timeshare Cancellation Lawyers.  We know the rules, we've seen it all - we protect consumers and their rights.  Let's get started for you today.

Timeshare Contracts present a never ending financial burden, in fact an inescapable one, and developers extend no mercy when you can't travel, your health prevents you or they are all "booked up.' We have the knowledge and skill to extract you from the burden and preserve your funds for you and your heirs. 





30 Years


Without a contract you are free to travel around the country.  Enjoy your life.

Once you decide to engage us, the process is speedy.

Your timeshare - Is it a burden to you now? Is it hard to use for health reasons or to book? Would you pass a burden to children? IT IS TIME TO ACT

We can and will execute a complete strategy and tactical plan to cancel your obligations and preserve related rights and challenges against the developer, for you and your children. We are on your family's side.

We base our fee on reasonable and customary standards for knowledge, skills and abilities on subject matter - both legal and industry - we have acquired them through smart work and will use them for you and your family.

The time for action is now, it is the responsible course, otherwise the bills will keep coming to you and then to your children. If you can't afford it - how will they?

We invite your to engage with us, we can and will help - you and your family.


We're not going to deceive you - we're going to tell it like it is.  We're lawyers - there's no deceptive practices with us.

Freedom from contracts - Enjoy the freedom of travel without the need of following rules, complex booking arrangements, and limited accommodation choices.  The world has changed since the days of the travel agent.



Explore the world on your terms.  Leave the resort - see the world!


Explore the world on your own terms

In the last 10 years the world has changed drastically.  AirBnB, Travelocity, Staycations, and other trends have changed the travel industry and the idea of 'vacations' - Timeshares are a relic from a previous generation, a time before the internet, when it was difficult to travel to exotic places like Russia.  Now in 10 minutes you can book a reasonably priced travel package to over 1,000 worldwide destinations.  Why lock yourself into a portfolio of resorts operated by your timeshare company?  New cruise ships, cruising down the rivers of Europe, ancient temples in South America, or your relaxing Key West beach resort - all wait you.  Enjoy your life, enjoy your freedom - it's about time.  You've earned it.

It's a big planet!



The Carribean


The process is simple; send us your documents and we'll do the hard work.  Just enjoy your life.  Travel shouldn't be about obligations, it should be about freedom!

Break the chains: cancel your contract

Timeshare companies know that most people will want to get out of their contracts, so they have aggressive rules and language that isn't simply something you can just 'cancel' - often when you try to cancel they will sell you into a different package or even up-sell you into something more expensive.  

Jennie & Greg Bernstein

( Daytona, Fl)


We actually got caught up in the whole Timeshare circle. We were told conflicting stories none were ever the same. Those places can be manipulative. We found Fortis Law Group and they reallt changed our lives. They had us provide the info and they ran with it. We are now 100% removed from our legally binding contract. They are the best. Attorney Soccorro and all the folks involved went about and beyond the call of duty. Bless you.

Felix & Johanna Sanchez

( Orlando, Fl )

My husband and I were at a loss. We were roped into this Timeshare thing on a high from Disney with promises that were not fulfilled. Orange Lake Resorts did nothing to help us on our way. They held us for HOURS until we relented and purchased a share. They handed us our papers and sent us on our way. We tried time and again to use our points (of which they promised us many) and could never get any help. We had the Timeshare for 2 years and never used 1 point (not for lack of trying). We finally called and wanted to sale. Which Orange Lake told us we could do at anytime. We were told we could sale but it would be on our own and we had to pay them off first before we could even sale. My husband and I were very upset being this was not what was promised by the sales rep. I thank Fortis Law Group for being there and helping us with everything. They kept me informed every step of the way. They answered ever email I sent them with quick responses. Can not say enough about the help we received. Thank you

Your life is about to get a lot more interesting!

The world has changed so much in the last 10 years.  Why limit yourself to a resort or chain of resorts, when you have the whole world to explore?  Cancel your timeshare contract, and get back to living your life without rules.  See the world, explore, enjoy - relax!